House lifting services in Ernakulam Kochi


Are you looking for house lifting services in Ernakulum Kochi? Then look no forward and contact us. Ernakulam refers to the eastern, mainland portion of the city of Kochi in central Kerala, India. As Kerala is near to the ocean so there is always a danger of the chances of the flood that might cause damage to the house property and can destroy the houses. Because of the down level of the house from the ground level the water may still leave in the house that also becomes a big reason behind for the disadvantage of lower houses. So if you are residents of Kerala. And looking for House lifting services in Kerala Or House lifting services in Ernakulum Kochi. Give us a call today for liting your house and to get rid of the fear of flood during the rainy season.

Therefore there is a must need for the house lifting services in the area where the troubles of floods always stood remain. We have been providing house lifting services in Ernakulam Kochi for many years. And we are famous for the quality of service we provide throughout India.  Because of our hard work and better technology we can lift up your house to the level you want. And we provide house lifting services all over India.

Likewise, Kerala, Chennai which is in Tamil Nadu is also prone to flood. So if you are residents of Chennai or any city of Tamil Nadu and looking for affordable house lifting services in Chennai feel free to contact us.

Benefit Of House Or Building Lifting

House lifting services or building lifting services has various advantages. When a subsequent storey needs on an existing building, chances are that the foundation is not well-built enough to withstand the additional load. In some other cases, the foundation may be found to be feeble after a few years of construction, whereas the rest of the building is still intact. In such scenarios, the building may be for the moment can be lifted. And a latest, the stronger foundation may be erected, without disturbing the entire construction.

How Is House Lifting Services Done

When the road level is increased above the level of the building, then this method is used to lifting/elevating the building. If your house is beneath the street level and sewage water regularly flows in, relocation is not the best solution. There is a way out to this problem and it would be house lifting. There are a lot of wrongs done during the construction of House or Building. A lot of times the owner thinks about to correct those wrong done. But it takes a lot of money and time. There was no resolution in the past.

Now you can lift up your house by House lifting services in Ernakulam Kochi. Which is done by jacks that will first lift your house in the air?

After that when the house will be in the air. New walls will be created beneath the existing walls of the house.

And when all the walls will construct. The whole house will later slowly put down and will be joined with newly constructed walls.

This process can also be done fast and can be completed in one day. But, it takes 15 of the above days. Based on the type of house, it is just because of the reason. If the whole house put slowly near to the ground level. Then there could be a lot of complication. That might cause damage to the house or there could have crackling in the walls of the house. So it is the main reason how is house lifting done with a slow process. Click here to know more about how slab constructed for house raising. Looking to hearing from you soon.

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