Difference between house lifting vs House Re Construction


House lifting is the process of lifting a house and building a new or extending the existing, foundation below it. In Indian house lifting during the elevation process, most houses are separated from their foundations with house lifting equipment, and the house lifting methods also include lifting a house with jacks like raised with hydraulic jacks, and held by temporary supports while a new or extended foundation is constructed below. There are many reasons people choose to lift their homes because of the Difference between house lifting vs House Re Construction.

As Some of them for the most common reasons they choose it as they don’t want to clear their remembrance with the destruction of the house that’s why they chose house lifting as another benefit of this could be is raising a house to add a basement, flood protection, to reduce flood insurance rates and/or to add more space to their home. Jump to Reasons to lift your house for more. If you’re looking for the best house lifting services in India.  Then you’ve come to the right place. We have been lifting houses for over many years.

So if you want to lift your house. Then give us a call today. We are waiting to assist you if you have any query. Previously we were providing House lifting services in Hyderabad and Kerala. But now we have started providing house liting services at PAN Level. So feel free to reach us and we will be there in no time.

Difference between house lifting vs House Re Construction,House lifting services cost in Kerala, cost of raising a house and building underneath with the Difference between house lifting vs. House Re-Construction

House lifting services cost in Kerala could be with a lot of factors but the cost of raising a house and building underneath cheaper than the rebuilt new one because for the rebuilt of house you have a need to spent first on the destruction of the house and after that, you would require a lot of new material and that would consume a huge cost. There are numerous factors that can raise or lower your total cost. Those factors include:

  1. Size of House
  2. Number of Floors
  3. Status of House
  4. Status of Foundation
  5. Time
  6. Permits
  7. Labor
  8. Liability
  9. Landscaping
  10. Miscellaneous

Not only Kerala. You can avail our house liting services in the nearby state of Kerala. So whether you are looking for House Lifting Services in Telangana or somewhere else. Feel free to reach us. We are just a call away from you. Looking forward to working for you soon.

No one works for free, so you must consider the labour cost. If you want to determine an accurate house lifting cost. As I have said, there is no set labour cost for house raising companies. The same as if we talk about the Difference between house lifting vs House Re-Construction. The best way to find the right thing to do if you just only want to lift up your house is house lifting. As it cost a little cheaper than to reconstruct it.

There’s probably not many house raising companies in your area, so the research should be quite easy. Furthermore, some projects require special attention from architects or structural engineers. While your house raising pro has probably been in the business for some time. They are not certified or educated architects or engineers. As such, you may have to hire an architect, which according to our cost estimator. They would charge less than the reconstruction of it. So it would be better for you to uplift your house and get rid of all of the problems. That you were facing when your house was below the ground level. If you want to know what happens to the existing foundation when you lift your house. Feel free to reach us.


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